Yuvraj Joshi

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Yuvraj Joshi is the Fair Courts Project Fellow at Lambda Legal, where he engages in strategic advocacy to advance laws and policies related to judicial selection methods, judicial diversity, and other critical fair courts issues.
Prior to joining Lambda, Yuvraj was the Yale Law School Gruber Fellow in Global Justice at Human Rights Watch, where he focused on issues related to LGBTI rights in South Asia.  He also practiced as a commercial litigator in London and worked at the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS and the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, advocating for the protection of the rights of sexual minorities.
Yuvraj has written about LGBT and diversity-related issues in publications including the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, Stanford Law Review Online, Columbia Law Review Online, California Law Review Circuit, and The Guardian.  He holds law degrees from the Yale Law School and University College London and a bachelor of arts from the University of Toronto.